Last night, Warner Bros premiered the first trailer for Green Lantern. We've compiled a mountain of screencaps, so you can get a better look at the alien members of the Green Lantern Corps, the villains, and tons of awesome toys.

After meeting Ryan Reynolds' version of Hal Jordan, a guy who likes fast planes and offers women free tapwater after sex, the first little bit of Green Lantern mythology we get a glimpse of in the new trailer is the Ferris building, the jet company where Hal flies.

Here's the first look at Hal Jordan's romantic interest/boss Carol Ferris, played by Blake Lively.

After a small little jet accident Hal finds himself looking out over the horizon, when a green light plummets to the sky. It's Abin-Sur's spaceship.

This is Green Lantern Abin-Sur.

And he's not doing so well.

But before passing on he gives Hal Jordan one very important accessory: the ring.

How does it all end for the movie version of Abin Sur? I think Green Lantern's Comic Con display answers that question (not so hot).

But at least Hal got the ring. And here's a close up of the object.

Shortly after putting on the ring (you can tell from Hal's bruises, cuts and scrapes) Hal is carried away by his new possession through space to...

The Green Lantern Home Planet, Oa! And the first real look at Green Lantern teacher Tomar-Re.

Tomar-Re is from the planet Xudar. Tomar-Re trains new Green Lantern Corps members and fights injustice across his sector. He looks exceptionally cheesy in the comic books, but he's a classic character. It's interesting to see how he's translated into live action here. He looks much more menacing, we think it's the beak (or the giant chest).

Also on Oa: Sinestro, played by Mark Strong. While he's not the bad guy in this particular movie, we're pretty sure they'll be slowly playing with Sinestro's fall into villainy, as becomes one of Green Lantern's most infamous foes. But for now, he's still one of the best Green Lanterns in space.

Even Kilowog has a tiny cameo in the trailer. Another Green Lantern, Kilowog is a drill sergeant from the planet Bolovax Vik, where he was a scientist.

Speaking of training, it looks like Tomar-Re is showing Hal the ropes on Oa — you can fly, Hal!

Another gorgeous shot of Hal leaving Oa for space.

And once Hal gets back to Earth he brought the newly updated battery along with him, which he hands off to his pal while driving. The battery basically acts as a charger for Hal's new ring powers.

And speaking of ring powers, here's the first image from Hal utilizing his new set of skills to punch out a group of no good street attackers.

But no time for street gangs, let's meet the real villain of this feature. Hector Hammond (Peter Sarsgaard) son of Senator Hammond (Tim Robbins). Hammond Junior discovers a bit of space debris, and after a little bit of testing in his giant science lab...

Giant science lab.

...Hammond mutates into this hideous form, but now has special mental powers, like the ability to read minds. To his dismay Hammond only finds out that everyone hates him in town, thus turning him into an even more intolerable villain. Whom Hal will later have to fight.

Sinestro is descending into a giant Green Lantern statue. Any idea what this is about?

At one point Hal appears to be sitting down and having a conversation with Carol Ferris in his Green Lantern suit. She seems pretty at ease with all this new alien tech, which is important because one day the Zamarons aliens will crown her the new Star Sapphire, and she will be forced to fight Hal face-to-face. But that's a whole other movie.

Speaking of Star Sapphire commenter Skatonic10 points out that there is a Sapphire decal on Carol's helmet while flying her jet. Foreshadowing for the sequel?

Looks like someone blows up Hal and Carol's place of business, we bet it's Hector.

A quick flash in the trailer shows someone with a pink noggin blowing up, or getting blown up, inside a giant yellow structure. Possible a giant power battery? Sinestro? Abin-Sur? My money is on Sinestro.

Thanks for the help TwiceDead!

Finally, one last close up for Hal in full Green Lantern gear.