Over at Whitechapel, Warren Ellis is holding an open submission thread to redesign Batman for the steampunk era. If you couldn't get enough of Gotham By Gaslight, this artwork is definitely up your alley.

Here are Ellis' marching orders — "Immerse yourself in the era of Steampunk, and the coal-fired industrial nightmare of Gotham, where is set the popular silent films concerning The Batman. Or even The Bat-Man, if you prefer." The contest is still open, so if you've had a design for "Sir Bruce and His Spleen-Inducing Winged Pretense," now is the time to show the world.

[Spotted on Super Punch]

By Neil Ford

By MJ Boyson

By sideb0ard

By StruthersNeil

By BattGuano

By Paul Sizer

By Felipe Sobreiro

By Ken Miller

By Chris Thornley