The more we learn about Amanda Seyfried's Red Riding Hood film, the more it sounds like an adaptation of a hot-and-heavy magical bodice-ripper. Love triangles, woodland sex, werewolves, sexy role-playing headdresses. Move over vampires, hello magical deer/wolf people sex parties!

Shock Til You Drop has a scan from Entertainment Weekly's latest issue, which includes images from Catherine Hardwicke's new fairy tale adaption:

Seyfried plays a young girl "torn between two loves," on which the director commented, "I've never seen her like this in a role before. She's supersexy, wild. And those big eyes of hers are totally out of a fairy tale."

But this movie isn't all leafy roll-abouts in the woods, there's magic, demons, werewolves and sex/magic/fun hating priest, played by Gary Oldman, who hopes to rid his town of evil. Oh and he dresses like this...

Red Riding Hood will be released in theaters on April 22, 2011.