An unknown filmmaker is attempting to bring his eerie vision of Neil Gaiman's short story "The Price" to life, with Gaiman's blessing. But this project needs your help — here's how.

Animator and filmmaker Chris Salmon has started a Kickstarter page in attempt to raise enough money ($150,000) to bring his CG-animated vision of "The Price" to life. Here's his video pitch.

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"The Price" is about a old black cat that battles an unseen enemy on the narrators front porch almost every night. But when the author decides to stay up and find out what's been bloodying up the feline, he's horrified by what he discovers.


If you couldn't tell, the video above is narrated by Gaiman, himself. Thankfully this entire project has the support of Gaiman, because we're really quite curious to see what Salmon will create for the finale fight scene. But, before we can see the finished product, Salmon needs cash. So if you liked what you saw, check out his production blog,but more importantly donate on his Kickstarter page. We hope he reaches his goal before he runs out of time!