An early sketch of Megamind that's closer to the finished version, art by Tony Siruno

Different versions of Megamind, by Craig Kellman, Andy Bialk and Andy Bialk.

Megamind's battle suit, looking curiously Iron Man-esque, art by Kory Heinzen

One of the supervillains in the Doom Syndicate who don't appear in the film, Hot Flash

Another member of the Doom Syndicate, Destruction Worker

Another Doom Syndicate member, Lady Dopper, art by Chris Reccardi

Lady Doppler by Shane Prigmore

Big Punch, art by Ruben Hickman

Behemoth, art by Travis Koller

Rockatoo, art by Shannon Tindle

Tighten beats on Megamind, art by Kory Heinzen

Giant robot by Chin Ko and Stan Seo

Robot, Brainbot and Girl Brainbot, art by Paul Sullivan & Dermot Power, art by Stan Seo & Alex Puvilland, art by Chin Ko

One scene from the film, in storyboards, color keys, layout and final frames.

Another scene in storyboards, color keys, layout and final frames.

Early concept for Minion, Megamind's friendly helper, wearing a diaper, art by Kory Heinzen

Two views of Metro Man's lair, art by Ruben Perez