Welcome Children to the weekly (when I get to it) spooky recap of this week in io9. Enter if you have the guts to face the terror that is...

Meh, actually aside from the header image it has absolutely nothing to do with Halloween. If anything it's rather Paul Verhoeven heavy. Which is a good thing. Lets dive into my tricks and treats!!! As always click to enlarge.

This week saw the discovery of someone possibly using a Cell Phone in a film taken in 1928. Bullshit you say? I say NAY! Time travelers are everywhere if you know where to look (Thank you Shorpys).

Stanley Scurry was able to transmit live "film" of his girls to Kinetescopes located all over the planet. No one was ever able to figure out how he was able to do it, until now.

Time travelers will take any job, from a leader of business and industry to kitchen staff at a large house.

And of course, every so often they are noticed in very famous photos, but "The Man" hides it, probably because he's a Traveler too. You can see here, in Eddie Adams original version of the famous, and horrifying image of the execution of a Vietcong.

Love it or hate it, I don't think it will come to anyone as a surprise that Caprica has been cancelled. But these decisions take a toll on more than just the viewers who have come to love virtual worlds and councils of monotheistic Gemenon Santa Clauses. They also hurt the people who are on the shows. And I think io9 needs to maybe take out a full page ad in Variety and lift the spirits of one of our nations most beloved treasures.


While it seems cruel to send unwanted children into space, it is better than the alternative.

They found liquid water on Mars!! Or something like that. Not too late to start cashing in on it!

Speaking of cashing in... You could spend $150 on Tron branded Oakley 3D Glasses, if you want to half ass your fandom. The real fans out there are going to go all the way.

This current political season is nuts. Seriously. On all sides. Everyone should be ashamed of themselves. But as we can see, in the future it's going to just get worse. As these mailers, designed to sway voters on a Proposition to give back control of Detroit's Police Force to the city government, show.

There's the negative...

And the Pro...

Did Tim Burton just snap in the late 90's? In any case...

This is Garrison Dean wishing you all a Happy Halloween