In the late 1990s, Tim Burton was tapped to direct Superman Lives, a flashy resurrection of the Superman franchise. How flashy was it? If these unearthed photos of the costume are any indicator, the film was a Kryptonian Starlight Express.

Superman Lives — which at one point featured a script by Kevin Smith and entirely eschewed a flying Superman — was a total disaster for Burton. These photos of the movie's costume are some of the few artifacts we have left to remember this project. Designer Steve Johnson recently posted a slew of photos on his Facebook page, and it looks like the film was going to feature the "Electric Superman" who was in vogue in the Nineties.


Would you've liked to have seen a film starring Tim Burton's Electric Blue Superman? I'd have been game, but only if Shaquille O'Neal's Steel was allowed to co-star.

[Via Slashfilm. Thanks Ryneri!]