This week we bring you another sample of the insanity and the hotness going on in io9's Halloween costume show. Check out the amazing craziness in these pictures of your fellow io9ers getting all costumed on your ass.

We want to see your pictures of Halloween! Post your awesome Halloween costume photos (pictures of yourself only, please) in our io9 Halloween costume show gallery and we'll show off the best next week.

via io9 Halloween costume show on Flickr

artemelkila is a damn scary/awesome/gorgeous splicer from Bioshock, and she's even posed in the right location to do some serious damage.

JediPsychologist isn't sure why women don't always dress in the men's Jedi robes because they are obviously completely awesome. We have to agree.


Who doesn't love a Zelda with a matching digital camera? Hollowbarbiedoll649 knows what I'm talking about.


Pee Wee may not be science fiction, but Pee Wee's Playhouse is definitely a fantasy world, gildat20.

Oh Jayne, you are my favorite scifi beefcake icon. Thanks for wearing the hat well, micjwelch.


Bears, rejoice! The Barold is the very definition of minotaur hotness.


TechSean demonstrates his robot costume's KILL KILL KILL mode.