Robots won't only be going into space in November — they'll also be heading under the ice of Antarctica.

Admittedly, the UBC-Gavia doesn't have the dexterity of Robonaut 2, but she is capable of going off on her own. The eight by two foot craft has obstacle avoidance systems to help move around ice, and internal navigation systems to help her estimate her position and speed.

Her routes have to be pre-programmed, but because of the rechargeable battery as a power source, the UBC-Gavia is capable of making trip after trip, mapping out oceanographic data. The UBC-Gavia is able to move at a constant depth, through pressure sensors, or able to keep at a constant distance from the ocean floor using sonar. She'll help her team map out several kilometers per mission in freezing waters.

Via Supercritical and Inhabitat.