This is one astromech droid that will keep you flying. This incredible R2D2 pumpkin is the work of Noel Dickover, the undisputed champion of science-fiction pumpkin carving who gave us the Death Star pumpkin. And check out pumpkin Darth Vader!

These images come from Dickover's amazing site, Fantasy Pumpkins, which also includes a tutorial on how to carve your very own Death Star pumpkin. When he's not bringing your greatest dreams of a galaxy far, far away to life in pumpkin flesh, he's a volunteer with CrisisCommons, a group of techies who pool their skills to respond to natural disasters. Dickover explains to NPR:

In thinking about carving R2-D2, I absolutely had to have a fairly tall, completely cylindrical looking pumpkin. I found one that weighed in at right around 40 lbs. Without this, there's no way I could have gotten the detail I was looking for. The other issue is whether the pumpkin has a smooth surface or whether it has a "grooved" surface. Grooved lines on R2-D2 obviously wouldn't work. Finally, for R2-D2, because I didn't have a pattern, I needed to have pictures of anatomically accurate R2-D2 pictures. I found these both with the Weta Sideshow R2-D2 sculpture and with some videos of fully functional R2-D2 units from the R2-D2 Maker's group.

Here are more images of R2D2 plus the new Darth Vader carving — tons more at the link! [Fantasy Pumpkins]