Sunday's episode of Venture Bros., "Bright Lights, Dean City," followed Dean to NYC, where he interns at Impossible Industries. Unfortunately, Dr. Impossible has recently turned evil, so Dean must oversee supervillain try-outs. Get ready for Ladyhawke and Lyndon Bee Johnson!

First off, apologies for the brevity of this recap. It was NYCC this weekend, and things got stupidly hectic. That being said, we did have a nice long conversation with Jackson Publick and Doc Hammer which you should check out if you haven't already.

"Bright Lights, Dean City" was one of the more straightforward Venture Brothers episodes thus far this season. In a nutshell, Dean moves to New York, interns with Dr. Impossible (who has recently joined Phantom Limb's Revenge Society with Baron Ünderbheit), and decides to become an ace investigative reporter. Oh, and Doc Venture tried to write a musical based on his childhood exploits, we learn the mystery of alternate dimension Doc from the end of last week's noir episode, and Nathan Fillion cameoed as the Brown Widow, a Spider-Man analogue who fires webbing out of the back of his coccyx.


This is easily the creepiest visual of the episode, but it isn't the funniest gag. No, that honor goes to the Revenge Society's supervillain auditions, which gave audiences the crappiest cavalcade of malcontents the show's ever seen. Also, I'm digging Ünderbheit's new Darkseid-inspired get-up. R.I.P. Manservant.