It's been a century since we established the first colony on planet Zarmina, in the Gliese system 20 light years from Earth. After scientists discovered its oxygen-rich atmosphere, it wasn't long before settlers came. And then tourists, and hockey teams.

Here you can see a collection of posters celebrating the history, beauty, and outdoor sports that Zarminans love. Mt. Vogt, named after the man who discovered and named this Earthlike world back in 2010, remains one of the planet's chief attractions on the cold side. And of course on the warm side you have swimming, as well as the Frontier Museum, celebrating the first colony in the Gliese system a century ago. And don't forget to visit Gloaming City, on the terminator. It's perpetually bathed in twilight and provides some of the most romantic vistas in the known worlds.

In reality, Zarmina is the Earthlike planet recently discovered by astrophysicist Steve Vogt and a team of researchers. They announced the discovery in late September, and since then some physicists have suggested that it might only take about 6 years to get there if we could just perfect antimatter fuels. Zarmina, named after Vogt's wife, is currently the only known Earthlike world besides our own, but Vogt believes that there are many more like it.

Images by Daniel Spitzer