Halloween is almost upon us, but you haven't had time to make a costume. What does the prefab costume industry have for you this year? Lots of superheroes, Predators, skanky robots... and Lady Gaga. Prepare to bleach your eyes.

We looked through the new men's and women's costumes over at Spirit Halloween, one of the main Halloween retailers. We noticed a few trends: First of all, there were plenty of costumes from recent movies, including Kick-Ass, Avatar, Iron Man 2 and Jonah Hex (?!). Second of all, there were lots of new superhero costumes, including ones for superheroes who hadn't had a new movie recently. And then there were Lady Gaga costumes — a new article in USA Today says Lady Gaga is the new hotness in Halloween costumes.

We also noticed there's a definite difference between the high-end costumes (mostly sold for rental purposes) and the cheap-ass equivalents. Check out the new line of Iron Man costumes, and you'll see what we mean.

Disclaimer: There were some items listed as new for 2010 that we weren't sure were actually new. Like, why roll out a Power Rangers costume in 2010? We included some of that stuff, but mostly we're including stuff we're reasonably sure is new.

"Rental Quality" Iron Man 2 costume, which will set you back $199.

The regular Iron Man 2 costume which costs only about $59.

The, uh.... slightly more low-end Iron Man 2 costume, which costs just $19. If you're drunk enough, it'll look cool, we promise. It's what Tony Stark would probably wear, if he was broke.

Iron Man 2 Black Widow costume.

War Machine.

Kick-Ass Hit-Girl costume

Kick-Ass costume. This is one of the few superheroes where a crappy store-bought costume might actually work.

Lady Gaga costume. Warning: Wearing this will not make you look like Lady Gaga.

Lady Gaga costume. Warning: Your friends will be laughing at you.

Supreme Edition Boba Fett costume. They claim this is new for 2010, but who can tell? It'll set you back a full $999.99 though. It's actually not bad.

Believe it or not, this is the "high end" Jake Sully costume, going for $59.99.

Avatar "Jake Sully" costume. This is the cheaper one, going for just $39.99

Neytiri costume. The high heels are really what make it work.

Buzz Lightyear. They claim it's new for 2010 — maybe it is, thanks to Toy Story 3.

Another Buzz Lightyear costume.

Tim Burton's Alice In Wonderland costume

Tim Burton's Mad Hatter costume.

The slightly less crappy Wolverine costume. We think.

The slightly more crappy Wolverine costume. We think.

Sexy Optimus Prime. They claim this is new for 2010, but we mostly just wanted to feature it because it's so insanely hilarious. Anybody who wears this is just asking for disrespectful questions about whether she can turn into an 18-wheeler.

Sexy Bumblebee costume. Again, supposedly new for 2010.

G.I. Joe Baroness, supposedly new for 2010 even though the movie came out over a year ago.

Green Lantern costume, possibly timed to coincide with interest in the film. Check out the massive boots and fake abs. (Probably the same fake abs being used in the new "The Situation" costume, just painted green.) Those eyes tear into me — they look haunted by the terrible things he's seen.

Predators super-Predator costume. Costs $99.99 and doesn't look all that bad, at least in the photo.

Sexy V For Vendetta costume. Supposedly new for 2010, although we have no idea why. Mostly it's just an exercise in amazing WTFery. Who would watch or read V For Vendetta and then think, "All of that rape and torture makes me want to put on a sexy peekaboo outfit"?

Jonah Hex costume — for the five people who watched Jonah Hex and thought this was Megan Fox's best ever outfit.

Pre Vizsla from Star Wars: The Clone Wars.

A female Wolverine, because... Also, haven't these people heard of X-23?

Female Jason Voorhees, presumably to cash in on the huge, mind-blowing Friday The 13th remake fever.