Ah, October. The nights are cooler, the stars are brighter, Caprica and Fringe are back on the air, and new trailers for Monsters and Skyline are debuting. Also, Gotham City by way of Van Gogh. Enjoy.

Find out about the alien infestation in this exclusive clip from "Monsters"
Ever since that space probe crashed down in Mexico, giant monsters have been rampaging. The US has erected a huge wall along the Mexican border to keep them out. Find out what's happening south of the border in this scene.

Top 10 sexiest evil twins of all time!
Fringe's season premiere proved, once and for all, that both Walter and Olivia are sexier in the alt-universe. But it's often true that evil duplicates are sexier than the originals. Because evil is sexy. Here are the 10 sexiest dopplegangers!

The Destiny crew answers your biggest SGU season 2 questions!
A new trailer for Stargate Universe's second season shows everything's been taken up a notch. There's more aliens, action and drama! We tried to answer every question you might have about the new season, on our set visit aboard Destiny.

Why do we keep falling in love with cyborgs?
The allure of the cyborg is so widely-accepted that it's become a cliche in science fiction, but people rarely ask why. Doesn't it seem a little strange that humans are so powerfully attracted to synthetic versions of themselves?

What if...Batman vs. Predator had been a summer flop in the 1990s?
The 1991 miniseries Batman vs. Predator was the apotheosis of a great comic crossover, as it contained a prolonged sequence of Batman beating the Predator with a baseball bat. But what if this comic had been a mid-90s total bomb?

Tentacles, death rays, and tractor beams: New Skyline trailer is ridiculously awesome
Aliens descend onto the major cities and start just hoovering people up, in the awesomely crazy new film Skyline. But the new trailer reveals more of the mayhem, including deadly tentacles. And check out some new death-orgy-tastic images.

Astronomers have discovered a habitable planet 20 light years away
Orbiting a nearby red dwarf star called Gliese 581 are 6 planets. One of them is a rocky ball, bigger than Earth, in the "habitable zone" where water is liquid and temperatures are human-friendly. It's possible we could live there.

Ronald D. Moore explains why the original cylon had to be half teenage girl, half robot
In this exclusive clip from from the Caprica season one DVD box set, show creator Ronald D. Moore explains why he gave the show's proto-Cylon human form half of the time, and why it looked so ominous.

Imitation black hole created on Earth using lasers and pure glass
Yes, we've managed to create a black hole...or at least the optical equivalent of a black hole's extreme, light-trapping properties thanks to an ingenious combination of lasers and glass. Best of all, it offers proof of Stephen Hawking's famous radiation.

New technology that captures exciton particles could replace today's solar cells
Even the most efficient solar cell loses a lot of energy in the form of wasted heat. But the electron-like particles that photons emit as they enter the cells could be turned into electrical energy, solving the heat loss problem.

[Top picture by 1FunnyGuy on Deviantart, spotted on Neatorama.]