Even Lady Gaga can't make space age fashions cool again. She wore a bubble dress based on Pierre Cardin's designs last year, making waves. But when Cardin tried to bring back space-age fashions at Paris Fashion Week, but people sneered.

The New York Times sums up the response to Cardin's space-age collection, which included silver jumpsuits, Star Trek dresses and weird/mod suits in bright neon colors. One blog writes: "Pierre Cardin's space-age outfits seemed futuristic in the 1960s. But when several dozen new versions took a spin down the Paris runway Wednesday, they looked like a retrospective." But the shiny clothing actually does look sort of cute, in a super-retro kind of way. Hipsters have embraced much weirder fashions of old, is all I'm saying.

Photos via WWD. Way more at the link.