Put on your goggles (or gas mask), sit back and relax. And take a look at the world through the eyes of French artist Sam Van Olffen. His work is an intoxicating blend of surrealism, science fiction and steampunk.


The title of this piece is Welcome! A bit of the West.

Steampunk meets Cyberpunk in the ring!

A Man of the Cloth (or should I say a Man of the Armour and Weapons)

Taxi Driver (your ride awaits)

We Come in Peace

Babel Central Station (the best intersection in the city)

Zyklon Baby (isn't she sweet?)


Steampunk Family

Machine a Bebe

Passerelles (building bridges)

Don Quichottte

Le Tunnel du Myst

Paris Steampunk

Santa Robota


Downloaded Baby (in a test tube)

Abbey Road (one of my favorite pieces, a great send up to the Beatles)

La Machine qui reve Copie (or copy machine!)

Post Nuke Restaurant (where lovers meet)


Oxygen (a twist on the Oxygen Bar fad)

Abel & Cain

Nice postcard photo for the tourists

Just Married

Optimum Mum

A View of the Astronomical Clock in Prague...


For more on Sam Van Olffen's work, visit his website at: