Do we really need another vampire movie? If it's a ridiculous AbFab-style comedy from the director of Clueless, then maybe yes. Check out Alicia Silverstone and Krysten Ritter as two beautiful vamps... who were turned by vampire queen Sigourney Weaver.

Sadly, there are no pics of Weaver in this set, but the shots of Silverstone and Ritter do make this look like a fun outing — and I'm loving the 80s style, with the lacy gloves and prom dresses. Plus the bit where Silverstone is wearing a Queensryche t-shirt and sweat pants, accompanied by a man with a fang T-shirt. Does this film have a lot of flashbacks, or just a lot of fashion victimhood? Either way, we're kind of excited to see Silverstone reunited with director Amy Heckerling. We interviewed Ritter about the film a while back.

Also in the film: Marilu Henner as a vampire who gets reawakened to her true nature, vampires Dan Stevens and Justin Kirk... and Malcolm McDowell, as Vlad the Impaler. No, really. Check out some more pics below.

Photos by Ivan Nikolov/