Horror movies like the new Case 39 always show the point of view of parents who realize their children are Satanic. But why don't we ever see a movie from the devil child's POV? Who's got the more interesting story?

Case 39 stars Renee Zellweger as a social worker who rescues a child from the hands of parents who believe she's evil and have decided to kill her. Obviously, the parents are psycopaths — until it turns out that no, they weren't. Now what is Renee to do? There are a lot of films which follow this theme. There's something compelling about the horror of an adult trying to reconcile the absolute moral wrong of killing a child with the impossibility of dealing with a danger that is unstoppable by any other means. That doesn't mean it makes for a good movie. This trope has gotten totally predictable, but so have many other tropes. The real problem is, we're watching the sideshow, while the main event is going on somewhere else.


The parent of the kid is generally your average Joe or Jane. Well-intentioned, rational, blandly caring, and only over time becoming unhinged, after they witness what the kid does. This is supposed to make us identify with them, but who wants to identify with a powerless person who decides to kill a child?

The most interesting question is, who is this kid? And that's the question that most movies never address. Sure, sometimes they're the anti-christ, but why would even a minor demon go to all the trouble of being born as a human, just to make his parents miserable? The kids in these movies are devils, but they're not very well-thought-out or interesting devils.

They could be interesting. Imagine being a kid who can see, from birth, all the sins and cruelty of the seemingly 'good' people around you. Imagine being a child who is frustrated beyond words with the arbitrary notions of 'morality' that people try to instill. You're told what to do, twenty-four-seven, by parents who value liberty, and you're told to share your favorite toys with spoiled toddlers, by people who walk past homeless people on the street. When you start acting on your frustrations, your mother and father, who have a duty to protect you and who have told you not to hurt others, suddenly start trying to kill you. What a weird, twisted life would you have — and where would it lead?


A devil born into this world and forced to live as a child would have to be a resentful, angry, ambitious, and quirky soul. Wouldn't a movie from their point of view be more interesting than just watching someone barf up flies?