A bestselling YA fantasy book series about a girl who can see invisible, dangerous fairies is about to get a big-screen film adaptation from Kimberly Peirce, director of the acclaimed Boys Don't Cry and the underrated Stop-Loss.

Melissa Marr's Wicked Lovely is being adapted by Caroline Thompson (Edward Scissorhands), and produced by Vince Vaughn's Wild West Picture Show Productions for Universal. Wicked Lovely is the first book in a four-book (and counting) series.

Here's a nice synopsis of the book, from a rave review over at Teen Book Review:

Wicked Lovely does not disappoint. It is the story of Aislinn, a teenage girl who can see faeries. She's always lived with the rules her grandmother has set to keep her safe, ignoring the faeries. If they knew she could see them, if the wrong faery found out, she'd be in grave danger.

Of course, keeping her secret may not keep her safe after all. She's being stalked by two faeries. One of whom just happens to be the Summer King, Keenan, who has been searching for his queen for centuries. Those who are chosen as possible queens cannot escape; they either become Summer Girls, slutty faeries without a care in the world, or they try their chances at becoming the Summer Queen–and when it is discovered they are not, they are filled with Winter's chill, vowing to try and convince other mortal girls not to try and become queen, despite the fact that the current Winter Girl can only escape and be free if another takes her place.

It sounds pretty thrilling, and I have a feeling Peirce will go to town with this material. But who will play Aislinn? [The Wrap]