Ken Rinaldo shows us what happens when science meets art and goes nuts.

Rinaldo specializes in art that has mixed biological and technological elements. One of his primary sources of inspiration are fish. He's devised many ways for fish in bowls to get around. From small bowls that bring fighting fish close together, to larger bowls mounted on wheels that allow fish to roam around a dry pond, to a fish on a tightrope. You read that right.

He also looks at group behavior. Several of his art installations have robots that respond to each other, or respond to the people around them, creating a different experience each time.


Fish onna rope.

A close-up of the fish, looking pretty calm.

Fish inna pool. Kind of.

Robots that reach out and sing to each other, and to people in the room.

Robots programmed to behave like a flock of birds.

The tongue chair that massages you when two separate 'tongues' nearby dip in chocolate and a stomach digests it.