Jack Kirby and Joe Simon didn't just create Captain America — they had a long partnership, during which they created countless other heroes. Here's an exclusive first look at a new collection of their lesser known stories, featuring... the Fly!

The Simon and Kirby superheroes comes out Sept. 29. Here's the official description:

Beginning with Blue Bolt in June, 1940, Joe Simon and Jack Kirby set the standard for costumed heroes. Their creation Captain America, remains one of the most famous heroes in comic book history, and their work for Timely and DC Comics raised the bar. This volume introduces some of their most exciting characters: Fighting American, their cold-war take on the patriotic hero, The Fly, with origins in an unknown Spider-Man prototype, Lancelot Strong, the man with the double life, and the Hollywood swashbuckler known as Stuntman. This is the only edition authorized by both Joe Simon and the estate of Jack Kirby, gathered from the official Simon and Kirby archives.

And here are the first six pages of the Fly's origin story, as told in Adventures Of The Fly #1, in 1959. (All pages are copyright Joseph H. Simon.) This story's got everything: starving orphans, evil gangsters, sorcerers, and a strange extradimensional race of fly people who stand for great justice!