The Mad Scientist Smackdown isn't just a battle of wits, or a popularity contest — it's also a contest of pure crazy. Which scientist puts the extra three "U"s and an umlaut in "hubris"? Today: Bishop Vs. Frankenstein!

Walter Bishop somehow defeated the certifiably insane Reed Richards yesterday. (Thanks to everyone who weighed in in comments on the many, many reasons why Reed is a nutbag — the cyborg Thor ought to clinch it, really.) Maybe we should have chosen Doctor Doom instead — but I always think of Victor Von Doom as more of a sorcerer than a scientist, especially as compared to Reed.

But in any case, today Walter Bishop faces a super-iconic — and arguably, the original — mad scientist. Victor Frankenstein resurrected the dead and created an artificial being long before Walter was making his first LSD frozen pops. Can Walter really vanquish Victor? Only you can decide!