When Gotham City's protectors visit Spanish-speaking countries, details can get lost in translation. Sometimes Batman fights crime with no clothes on, Robin brandishes a firearm, and Batwoman's a sexy wrestler. Here are three deranged bootleg Bat-heroes.

In Julio Ribera's 1948 Spanish comic Robin y el Murciélago, Batman fought crime half-naked while Robin happily gunned down criminals. Ribera began by simply ripping off Bob Kane's Batman comics, but moved on to fundamentally altering the hero's mythos. From El Desván del Abuelito with Google Translator:

If they did not use weapons, it would be for fools or cowards, which their Spanish rivals were not at all. So there you have it, an ultraviolent Robin cheerfully throwing lead, along with a Batman who dispatches his enemies with hand grenades.

And in 1968, La Mujer Murciélago, a Mexican film starring a bikini-clad Batwoman in Acapulco, wowed audiences. Here's a description of the film from 21centuarybreakdown on Youtube:

A mad scientist is wanting to create a race of super gill men. He uses the glands of wrestlers because they are "perfect". Wrestlers are winding up dead all over Acapulco so the call goes out for that mysterious crime fighter BATWOMAN!

This Batwoman shoots guns, wrestles, and has a super-funky theme...all while gallivanting through Acapulco in a two-piece. You can watch the full film subtitled on Youtube. It's a pity she never teamed up with Santo, the most rough-and-tumble Renaissance man ever to grace celluloid.

[Via El Desván del Abuelito and Super Punch]