Yesterday's discussion of the movie TiMER veered into the difficulties of knowing your fate. It got me wondering what people would want to know about their future. Take our poll and tell us.

Below are several questions that people might want to know about the future. Most of them are morbid, but then, if we had a lot of faith in the future we wouldn't trying to steal its answer sheet while its back was turned. If you can, please elaborate on why you want to know something, or what would you do if you got a certain kind of news. For example: if you found out you were only going to make a little money, would you blow it all on a wild and extravagant youth, or would you live as a hobo while you were young and strong and have a comfortable old age? If you found out you were going to die at 25, would you drop out of school or go for your PhD as early as you could?

I left out, "I don't believe in it," or "I wouldn't want to know anything," for a reason. They're no fun. No one is going to invent something like this. There is no risk. Pick what you're most curious about.

If there's something you'd like to know more than anything mentioned above, don't be shy. Put it in the comments.