It's a diverse line-up at your friendly neighborhood comic book store tomorrow. Among many things, there's new Thor and Walking Dead, classic horror tales from comic masters, and a reprint of a great graphic novel from the director of Mirrormask.

First off, there are some interesting Thor titles on the stands this week. Thor: The Mighty Avenger Double Rainbow (Marvel) collects the first two retro-tinged issues of Thor: The Mighty Avenger, and Thor 615 introduces the new creative of Matt Fraction and Pasqual Ferry to the flaxen-haired god's main book — Ferry's art really gives high fantasy and scifi a otherworldly look (see: his work on Ultimate Fantastic Four), so he's a good fit for Fraction's consummately savvy scripts. Also from Fraction is Uncanny X-Men 528 (Marvel), an issue about Emma Frost and Kitty Pryde discussing the latter's intergalatic bullet ride.


Image's Walking Dead 77 hits the stands today. Rick and the gang are making the uneasy transition to suburbia; it seems as if moving to the prison way back when was an easier proposition. Also debuting this week is Skullkickers 1 (Image), a fantasy yarn about medieval mercenaries getting medieval that's been getting some serious buzz/internet speculation. Speaking of buzz and bad behavior, Mark Millar and Steve McNiven's Nemesis 3 (Marvel/Icon) is out today — this series isn't done, but Tony Scott's already on board to direct its film adaptation.

Will Dinski's graphic novel Fingerprints (Top Shelf) is a science fiction title with a tabloid twist — a plastic surgeon tries to (literally) mold a new fresh-faced actress that is engineered for success. Another worthwhile graphic novel is Mirrormask director Dave McKean's Cages (Dark Horse), which is back in print. This acclaimed (and massive) book follows a trio of creative types who live in the same apartment building. If you loved his work on Arkham Asylum: A Serious House on Serious Earth and Sandman, this is definitely up your alley.

For more Vertigo-related fun, Fables 98 is out today — Bill Willingham wraps up the "Rose Red" story arc and only one more issue until the 100th mega-issue! More supernatural oddities are in Spike: The Devil You Know 4 (IDW), where Spike is knee-deep in Hellmouth problems.

King 1 (Blacklist Studios) tells the story of an Elvis impersonator who's also a supernatural hitman. The graphic novel Howl (Harpercollins) mines equally curious source material — it's a visual interpretation of Allan Ginsberg's famous poem. One of the more promising retro books this week is
Four Color Fear: Forgotten Horror Comics of the 1950s (Fantagraphics) — this softcover selects lost books from the golden age of horror comics that had unique aesthetic merits. Artists like Frank Frazetta and Wally Wood are among the artistic contributors; you can read a preview here. Finally, another über-worthwhile graphic novel is the new softcover editions Joe Casey and Dustin Nguyen's Wildcats Version 3.0 (DC Wildstorm) — this 2002 title transformed the Wildcats franchise into a sleek corporate espionage title that offers a plenty of nods to longtime fans. Recommended.


You can find the rest of this week's releases here and your neighborhood comic shop here. Happy reading, gang!