Which sci-fi titles earned a spot on the list of IMDB's worst-rated titles? Find out which movies are the worst of the worst - surprisingly, some are even worse than that.

IMBD, the popular movie site, allows users to rate the movies that it has listed on a scale of one to ten. While most movies clock in at about average, a few break into the very top. Tastes being variable, the best movies only rate around a nine out of ten on the excellence scale. In the sci-fi genre, Inception takes this very high honor. But what about the the bottom of the list? IMDB keeps score for that, too.

Taking two of the bottom spots are obvious rip-offs: Star Quest: The Odyssey, Universal Soldiers, and The Helix . . . Loaded. There are a couple generic titles meant to evoke horror: Evil Behind You and Awaken the Dead. But the absolute bottom of the barrel is Ultra Warrior, the worst rated film on the list.

Or is it?

The information given about IMDB's listing system states that in order to be rated in the bottom ten, a film has to receive at least 1000 votes. Looking at the list, we see that IMDB has had to break its own rules more than once. Sure Ultra Warrior was rated the worst film, with only 633 votes. Terrarium, rated a respectable number eight, has only 185 people who think enough of it to even bother saying it's terrible.

Funny how that's the one I most want to watch.

On both lists.