We love Steve Loya's Splotch Monsters, for the personalities that emerge from their seemingly formless shapes. Loya has been posting these lovable stains on his blog A Splotch Monster A Day every day since April.

Loya explains over on his Flickr page:

This is part of an ongoing series of "splotch monsters" made from paint (and possibly other materials). My aim is to add "personality" or character to them with as minimal creative tampering as possible (such as simple faces with micron pens, etc.). These little monsters are a more light-hearted indulgence into the urge to make "things" out of nonobjective, nonrepresentational shapes, forms and colors.

Here are a few more of our favorites. Check out some more over at the Flickr page, and at Loya's blog. [A Splotch Monster A Day]