Voltron and RoBeast tear New York to shreds, in awesome new concept art from the apparently-not-dead Voltron movie. Check out another image below.

This art comes via JoBlo.com, which reports that the Voltron movie is definitely still happening — and it's been taken over by Atlas Entertainment, which appears to be going for a gritty, action-packed feel. The script is being written by Thomas Donnelly and Joshua Oppenheimer, writers of the upcoming Conan film as well as the Dr. Strange and Uncharted: Drake's Fortune adaptations.

This concept art is part of a pitch that Atlas Entertainment is making — and reading between the lines, it sounds as though they're hoping the fiery art will inspire some studios to get behind the project. (Atlas put out Scooby Doo, Twelve Monkeys and Get Smart, so they do have a track record.)

Here's another piece of concept art. To see much higher res versions, hit the link. [JoBlo.com via MTV]