Behold the beast that could save Broadway from horrible emo Peter Parkers. This 20-foot animatronic could be the star of his own Broadway musical, King Kong — Live On Stage. But does he sing and dance?

Sadly no, King Kong will not be dancing and singing with his 40 cast mates. But we're actually pretty excited about the potential tunes, as the script is being written by Craig Lucas and the score by Marius de Vries as composer (who has produced some of the best Rufus Wainwright tracks.)


The creature itself is presently being designed in Melbourne by the The Global Creatures, the whiz-kids behind the very popular Walking With Dinosaurs show.

The show is authorized by the estate of Merian C. Cooper, director and producer of the 1933 film. And if all goes well, the production team hopes to open Kong in New York sometime in 2013. This actually has the capacity to be pretty spectacular if they bring everyone's dreams to life by recreating the old Broadway scene where Kong charges at the audience. And judging by the title of this musical, it seems like they are attempting to do just that.

[via CBC News and Variety]