This beautiful, century-old tree lives in the heart of Brussels. And now it has become an Entborg*, capable of transmitting data via the internet about air quality, weather, and wind. That's right - you can friend this tree on Facebook.

Or you can follow it on Twitter or Flickr, where it frequently uploads leaf-eye view pictures of the sky. As you can see in the video below, the tree transmits raw information about particulate matter in the environment and weather conditions to researchers. They analyze what the tree sees and senses, then translate that into updates like "Won't be doing too much photosynthesis in this cloudy weather," and "This ozone concentration makes it difficult to do my job." It also advises people to ride their bikes on days with air pollution.


Talking Tree - Making of from Tom on Vimeo.

The tree was fitted out with all its gear with help from European magazine EOS. Learn more about this amazing tree on the Talking Tree site.


* Thanks go to Josh Wimmer for coining the very appropriate term "entborg."