Screw football season β€” comic book Wednesday is where the real gridiron is. We've got futuristic kung-fu sports, mutant deathmatches, and a planet-sized Dr. Doom. Oh, and sultry Norse vampires. That has to count for something.

First off, we have Unwritten 17 (DC/Vertigo) β€” Lizzie Hexam is Tom Taylor's mysterious overseer. Trust series scribe Mike Carey to deliver her backstory in a Choose-Your-Own-Adventure. We need more Choose-Your-Own-Adventure comics. For more, pick-a-path storytelling, check out Jason Aaron's "What If" story in Astonishing Spider-Man/Wolverine 3 (Marvel). It's Spidey and Logan versus Doom The Living Planet in a post-apocalyptic Marvel future. Apparently ol' Vic's ego is so big he had to take over that goateed planet named Ego.

There's also True Blood 3 (IDW) β€” Alan Ball co-pens this comic in which Eric's memories of the Inquisition unleashes supernatural trouble for the Bon Tempers stuck in Merlotte's. Remember when True Blood was about crazy historical flashbacks and not Jason Stackhouse's inbred army of cat-people? This should be up your alley then. If medieval Rat-People are more your speed, Joe The Barbarian 7 (DC/Vertigo) is out. Grant Morrison's penultimate chapter of Joe The Dying Boy continues with an adventure to Cellarworld. Something tells me the ending will be a tearjerker or some sort of Invisibles-style reality detonation. Green Lantern Emerald Warriors 2 (DC) delivers not tears, but bloody astrovomit β€” Guy Gardner continues his secret mission for Atrocitus, but will his rage and willpower combine to become a Burnt Sienna Lantern?


As far as trade paperbacks go, we have Prison Pit 2 (Fantagraphics) from Johnny Ryan β€” we interviewed Ryan recently about this ultra-violent meditation on mutants, blood, and swearing. Incorruptible Volume 2 (BOOM!) from Mark Waid promises similar bad behavior starring reformed supervillain Max Damage and his underage ward, Jailbait. Fabien Nury and John Cassaday's I am Legion (Humanoids) also has a collection edition about Nazis seeking a vampire child in World War II. Other notable collections this week include the Star Wars: Dark Empire Trilogy hardcover (Dark Horse) and the Tank Girl Royal Escape trade (IDW). The former collects the post-ROTJ extended universe, the latter compiles a modern take on the outback heroine.


The Judge Dredd Complete Case Files: Volume 16 (Rebellion)is out on the stands as well β€” this collection contains the work of Garth Ennis, Matt Wagner, Steve Dillion, and others. MY PICK OF THE WEEK is another 2000 AD title β€” from Pat Mills, Tom Tully, and Dave Gibbons comes The Complete Harlem Heroes (Rebellion). In the future, Aeroball, a sport that combines football, boxing, kung fu and basketball, has risen to popularity, and the Harlem Heroes must battle other ludicrously stereotypical teams (like the Flying Scotsmen and the Montezuma Mashers) and evil cyborgs. A must for any fans of speculative fiction sportfans and 2000 AD fans in general.

You can find the rest of this week's releases here and your neighborhood comic shop here. Happy reading, gang!