Check out Captain America and his sweet, sweet Nazi-slaying motorcycle. A new crop of gloriously patriotic pictures have emerged from Captain America: The First Avenger set showing Steve Rogers, his enemies, and a lot of sexy time period whips.

Many thanks to the Daily Mail for putting out these great set photos. We have so many questions. What kind of gun is that strapped to the front of his wheel? What kind of car is that? Is everyone satisfied with the costume (we love the wings painted on his helmet!)? And finally, anyone else immediately think Rocketeer when when they saw the Nazi motorcycles? Joe Johnston is directing this film, after all, so we guess that makes sense. Hopefully he'll carry on with the same Rocekteer-stylized look in everything else as well, because it works.

The images were shot in the London countryside, where the film is presently shooting. And no, that's not Chris Evans, it's a stunt double, but you get the idea.

For more images go to The Daily Mail. Captain America: The First Avenger hits theaters July 22nd, 2011.