The Brooklyn Griffin is a recycled monster perched near the corner of Meserole and Waterbury Streets in Brooklyn, NY. The British design collective Giant Robots built the beast last month, but not before getting arrested in the name of art.

Jimmy Bumble and Leonard White of Giant Robots had begun building the creature on Johnson Street. The first griffin was destroyed after the building's landlord found the artists building a mythological creature atop his building. Giant Robots was arrested for trespassing and relocated the project to Meserole and Waterbury. From Cityroom:

Because of safety concerns and logistics, the griffin does not have locomotive abilities, aside from the moving headpiece.

The artists did not initially know what they were building, they said, since they do not sketch their robots beforehand. The concept remained unclear until one man stopped them while they working in the street.

"He said, ‘Oh, look! The Brooklyn Griffin!' " Mr. White recounted. "And I said, ‘Yeah! This guy's named it,' and it really is a griffin with wings, a beak and claws. It completely ended up being that without any concerted effort."

The robot-makers said they hoped to come back to the still largely desolate block in the fall to make the griffin a mate, and possibly a whole family.

You can see more photos of the creature at Leonard White's Facebook page.

[Spotted on Core 77]