As we anticipate tonight's episode of humans vs. robots show Battlestar Galactica with this preview clip, I have one hope. And that is that we'll get our old Starbuck back, the one who was a total badass and fought blonde amazon cylon Six on Caprica with her bare hands and repeatedly killed the cylon Leoben who imprisoned her. Remember that Starbuck? The one you thought Rambo could learn something from? (Light spoilers ahead.)

For the last several episodes, Starbuck has been going crazy in a way that doesn't make sense in the context of her character. She's gotten all soft and weepy and has started painting. I could believe a Starbuck who was crazed with bloodlust, but a Starbuck who is willing to bring a Leoben model cylon on board her ship and work with him? A Starbuck who can't keep her crew under control? A Starbuck who allows a mutiny to happen?

I realize that this is a new Starbuck who has undergone some kind of transformation that we don't understand after she chased that heavy Raider into the clouds and disappeared for months. Maybe she's a cylon or a clone or an angel or whatever. (Please don't make her an angel! That would be so LAME!) But part of what I love about this show is Starbuck's steely resolve and asskickery.


So let's hope tonight's episode, which will be partly about the fallout from the mutiny on Starbuck's ship that was searching for Earth, will bring the old Starbuck back. We need her, especially in this time of Baltar-ization.