Valerie Jeanne paints people and animals. Sounds simple enough, right? However, her people and animals have a bit of a twist - and a turn. And some weirdness...which I love. Check out this Big Eye Art.

Reunion - ok we have quite a few things going on here. Some aliens....and some flora and fauna (ok, maybe not fauna per se, but some bird-life anyway).

Overcome by Events - we've all felt this way before. As a matter of fact, this piece represents my day today perfectly.

Climbing - kind of a strange fellow... climbing towards something

Plight of the Bumblebird

Blue Magic

Winged Monkey (for all you OZ fans out there). The Oz books were a huge influence on me. Not so much sweetness and light.

Lime and Berry

Bird Girl - the first piece Valerie did on a smashed piece of soda pop can. Who needs a regular canvas?


This is just the first in a series of several pieces that the artist has done on smashed soda pop cans.

Hard to tell, isn't it?

I love to see work with this kind of texture. It adds a different dimension to the piece.

And yeah... a bird-girl - why not?

Makes you want to see more, doesn't it?

Winged Thing

Lil Green Ears - yes this one is called Lil' Green Eyes.

And yes it looks kinda cute, but you've got to admit, it's strange.

Not the usual cuteness here.

Yes, I know.

Nice big eyes... but that only adds to the strangeness.

The artist describes this as being a combination of radish, pear, and Chihuahua.

Creepy and cool.

And Creepy

Jazz Fingers - Dancing digits. Peace.....

Cupid - Valerie Jeanne-style

The Cascade Effect - it's all about how everything effects everything. You think you can escape influences around you. This particular piece demonstrates in an unsettling way how silly that notion is.


Chicken to Ride - A ride on your head, that is......

A Cavalcade of Creatures - I love the mix-up here.

The Legendary Flying Unicorn-Anubis-Dog of Egypt

A bit of everything.

A combination of several legends into one weird creature.

And the texture still feels kind of stone-like.

Animal Scramble - and we all focus on the eyes.

My Chicken Friend

We should all have such a friend

(you know my obsession with chickens. That's just who I am, sorry).

This one is called Out on a Limb. It's kind of a bird, and kind of not.

Alien Ant -

Pink Dog and Chicken - and... let's end with a chicken, too. Along with Man's Best Friend (or so they say...jury's still out).

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