Ready to watch Hayden Christensen brood and teleport and fight Paladins once again? Christensen says he's down for Jumper 2, and it sounds as though he's got a plan for how the sequel would play out.

In an interview with MTV Christensen revealed that he was, along with a few other folks were "talking about" another Jumper movie...

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So it sounds like Christensen is pushing — or merely hoping — for a "darker" Jumper. If you remember the ending to Jumper, it finished pretty harshly, with his mother all but telling him to "run." Because she [Diane Lane] was going to hunt his Jumper butt down. We'd be into this sort of "mother hunting son" spin on the material. And so is Christensen. But he also threw out another possibility. What about a "sister hunting brother" spin? You've got our attention, Hayden.