Vintage department store costumes followed a strangely predictable formula: soulless plastic mask + psychedelic torso art with the character's face again (for absolutely no reason). Here are some of your favorite scifi characters looking like narcissistic lunatics. First off, we have the Alien. It's like he was his own college mascot.

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Half-Klingon, half-corn.

What would've made more sense — a Starfleet outfit, or a weird self-portrait.?

You could pencil on a mustache and create the Eye of Agamotto out of an ashtray, or you could dress as this constipated matador. Sometimes less is more.

Artoo doubles as a Daft Punk costume!

This Centurion just came back from seeing REO Speedwagon and Steppenwolf at the State Fair.

Bigfoot must always look fabulous, even though there's never an audience.

Bright green greasepaint would be more dignified.

Please don't stare at this costume too long.

Oh God. Nike Windrunners not included.

The designers realized this costume was a nightmare, so they tossed that cloying photo of Boxey on Muffit's torso to leaven things. It doesn't work.

Y'know what? Kirk would wear a photo of himself.

I like Vincent. His look is very Danceteria.

Is Jaws a man-eating calendar?

King Kong wearing an airbrushed t-shirt of himself. Nuff said.

You know something is terribly wrong when Condorman is the least conspicuous guy in the room.

A series of Dungeons and Dragons and Krull costumes. Note how the paladin has a giant portrait of himself emblazoned across his chest instead of, oh, armor. Same goes for the cyclops. It's also worth noting that this our second Krull -related article in 24 hours. This effectively doubles the number of Krull posts io9 has ever written.
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Is that a costume of Humanoids from the Deep, the Roger Corman-produced flick about horny amphibious monsters? Really? The Melting Man over there look like a model citizen by comparison.
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Brown felt is not expensive. A lifetime of counseling is.
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The Ape Police have the best badges.
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Dr. Zaius isn't a hip character, so they emblazoned his t-shirt with the macho apes.
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Now that's just unfortunate, Isis.