Three neat series are coming to an end this Wednesday, and we're sad to see them go. Let's have a moment of silence for Star Wars Legacy, Air, and Ex Machina.

This week, the final issue of John Ostrander and Jan Duursema's Star Wars Legacy (Dark Horse) is out. In issue 50, Cade, the sometimes Light Side, sometimes Dark Side scion of the House Skywalker, will be knee-deep in a battle between Sith and Jedi, but this isn't his final story. No, Ostrander and Duursema will be pulling out all the stops in the upcoming Star Wars Legacy - War miniseries, which promises a body count befitting of this dark Expanded Universe comic.

Also on the chopping block this week is G. Willow Wilson's Air (DC/Vertigo), which ends with issue 24. Blythe, the one-time flight attendant who stumbled into a strange world of phantom nations, Aztec mythology, and clandestine organizations, must battle the villainous Etesians. It's a shame to see this title go, and we hope to see what Wilson's cooking up soon.


Finally, the last (and fiftieth) installment of Brian K. Vaughan and Tony Harris' Ex Machina (DC/Wildstorm) comes out. Without spoiling too much for those of you haven't caught up, the series has evolved from NYC political yarn with a scifi garnish to pure, lunatic superheroics. Mitchell "The Great Machine" Hundred is back in the saddle, and in this double-sized issue, light is shed on longstanding mysteries about his powers. Ex Machina came out once in a blue moon, but I'm sad to see this one go. Ex Machina 50 is MY PICK OF THE WEEK.

How about the rest of this week's releases?


Buffy The Vampire Slayer: Riley One-Shot (Dark Horse): Who pens this single issue story starring Buffy's double-agent ex-boyfriend? None other than longtime Buffy writer Jane Espenson!

GI Joe Cobra II 7 (IDW): Christos Gage delves in the backstory of the wonderfully creepy Croc Master, a slimy COBRA agent who sleeps with the reptiles.


X-Files 30 Days Of Night 2 (DC/Wildstorm/IDW): After traveling up to Alaska to investigate a telephone pole festooned with corpses, Scully and Mulder must deal with a small town full of ravenous vamps.

Brightest Day 8 (DC): The recently revived Deadman tries to charge his White Lantern ring. What will happen?


Amazing Spider-Man 640 (Marvel): What actually happened during "One More Day?" The conclusion to the arc "One Moment In Time" finally addresses how Spider-Man's mystical divorce came to pass.

Harlan Ellison's Phoenix Without Ashes 1 (IDW): The acclaimed scifi author pens this illustrated tale about Devon, a farmer who's been exiled by his society's Elders, in the far-off year 2785.

Shadowland: Daughters Of The Shadow 1 (Marvel): I have soft spot for Colleen Wing — her and Misty Knight are like Marvel's living legacy to 1970s action cinema. Also, did you know Colleen dated Scott Summers? Truth! Anyway, Colleen gets her own mini spinning out of Shadowland. Why did Cyclops date a high maintenance gal like Dark Phoenix when he could've been hanging with the Daughters of the Dragon? Another reason Scott Summers is a dweeb.


The Last Phantom 1 (Dynamite): Scott Beatty, Alex Ross, and Eduardo Ferigato reimagine the Ghost Who Walks in this new series.

True Blood 2 (IDW): In this untold tale from the fang-banging TV show, the gang is trapped inside Merlotte's by magical powers, and sexy confessions are the name of the game.


The Boys: Highland Laddie 1 (Dynamite): After the big revelation of the last issue of The Boys, Hughies goes back to Scotland for some R&R and to reveal his origin tale.

As for collected editions, there's a new printing of 2006 Serenity: Those Left Behind (Dark Horse), the graphic novel that bridges the story between Firefly and the feature film; Tim Seeley's Hack/Slash Omnibus Volume 1 (Image), which stars monster'n'psychopath hunter Cassie Hack; Brian Michael Bendis' Spider-Woman Agent Of S.W.O.R.D. (Marvel) hardcover; and the Marvelman Classic Volume 1 (Marvel) hardcover which collects Mick Anglo's Marvelman stories starting with 1954's Marvelman 25.


You can find the rest of this week's releases here and your neighborhood comic shop here. Happy reading, and take a moment to tell your favorite ongoing series you love them. In the comics store, of course. If anyone stares, screw 'em.