We've seen tomorrow night's Warehouse 13, and we explain why it's must-watch television. This week's TV also includes the worst time travel movie ever, a tour of Hellmouths, and Spaceballs! Plus new Futurama, True Blood and Eureka.

We were lucky enough to get a DVD screener of tomorrow night's all-new Warehouse 13, and it continues the trend of the show finding its feet and deepening its characters. It's also seriously funny, featuring some clever lines of dialogue as well as some bits where the main actors manage to do a lot with just their facial expressions. I won't give away much of the episode's plot, although this new promo actually reveals quite a bit — including the identities of the episode's two main guest stars:

It's fun stuff, and Lindsay Wagner does quite well in what seems likely to be a recurring role as the warehouse's doctor. The episode manages to find not one, but two clever new spins on the "wacky artifact causes mayhem" premise, and nothing is quite as it appears at first. (Not every twist in the episode appears entirely logical, but then again some of this stuff may be explored or explained further in later installments.)


Part of the greatness of the episode is that — as the preview above reveals — the usual pairings are broken up. Instead of Pete/Myka and Artie/Claudia, it's all bromance and female-bonding this time around. And everybody benefits from this arrangement, with all four stars getting to show different sides of their characters and stretch out a bit. Warehouse 13 has long since passed the Bechdel Test (which requires you to have two female characters talking to each other, and not about a man) but this episode goes for the gold with its Myka/Claudia scenes.

All four characters are at their absolute most engaging. Not to mention there's tons of beefcake, romance, intrigue and a coda that will leave you wondering what comes next. If you haven't already considered Warehouse 13 can't-miss television before now, tomorrow night at 9 PM on Syfy is a good time to start.

And here's the rest of this week's television listings...


Cartoon Network is having its usual bloc of new shows, starting at 7 PM, with Scooby Doo: Mystery Inc., Johnny Test, The Marvelous Misadventures of Flapjack, and Total Drama World Tour.


At 10 PM, VH1 has a new Scream Queens and the Discovery Channel has a new Mystery Diagnosis, about "The Girl With No Bowel."


If you hurry, you can still catch HBO's showing of arguably the worst time travel movie of all time, Black Knight starring Martin Lawrence, at 1:45 PM. But that film is also up against the 2 PM showing of Replicant, starring Jean Claude Van Damme, on Showtime. Also, Deep Blue Sea is once again on BET, celebrating what might be Samuel L. Jackson's most famous non-snake-related moment, at 8 PM. And Blade: Trinity is on Spike at 9 PM. And if you feel like staying up reeeally late, the intriguingly titled Sexual Magic is on TMC at 2:30 AM.


Want to know where all those hellmouths are, besides Sunnydale and Cleveland? Tonight sees the premiere of Gates Of Hell at 8 PM on the History Channel, which promises to uncover the "six entrances to hell" around the world. According to professor Marvin Meyer, who took part, the show examines depictions of Hades and Hell from antiquity until the present.

See above for details on this week's Warehouse 13.

Also, there's a new Unnatural History on the Cartoon Network at 8 PM.

And there's a new It's Effin' Science on G4. They blow up a van using static electricity, and they send a dummy into space.

And there's a new episode of postapocalyptic reality series The Colony on Discovery at 10 PM. Also at the same time, the National Geographic channel has a World's Wildest Encounters special on komodo dragons. And then at 10:30 PM, there's a new (to U.S. viewers) episode of The IT Crowd on IFC.


It's the ultimate double feature! HBO has Terminator Salvation at 4:30 PM and Transformers: Revenge Of The Fallen at 7:30 PM, with a one-hour special in between them. Just after midnight, at 12:15, Encore is showing Universal Soldier II.


There's a new (to U.S. audiences) Wonders Of The Solar System on Science at 9 PM, and at 10 PM there's a new Chasing Mummies on the History Channel and a new Monsters Inside Me on Animal Planet.

Also at 10 PM: A new Psych on USA. "Viagra Falls." Heh.

Kick-Ass/X-Men: First Class director Matthew Vaughn will be on Last Call With Carson Daly on NBC, along with Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter author Seth Grahame-Smith.


At 11:15 AM, AMC is showing Spaceballs, which I haven't seen listed on TV in a long time. Because the Oxygen channel apparently wants you to asphyxiate from laughing too much, they're showing Halle Berry's Catwoman twice, at 9 PM and 11 PM. Cinemax is showing Candyman: Farewell To The Flesh at 8:15 PM.


National Geographic has a new special, Monster Moves: Egyptian Temples, at 8 PM. There's a new Burn Notice on USA at 9 PM.


Also at 9 PM: a new The Universe, focusing on time travel, on the History Channel, followed at 10 PM by a new Stan Lee's Superhumans.

And then at 10 PM, there's a new Futurama on Comedy Central, called "The Prisoner of Benda." According to the Infosphere:

A revolutionary invention allows the crew members to exchange minds,[1] but it goes haywire and it's up to Farnsworth and the Globetrotters to fix it.


AMC has a double feature of the 1953 War Of The Worlds at 9 AM and Nicole Kidman's The Invasion at 11 AM, for maximum contrast.


Stay in on Friday night! It starts at 7 PM with the National Geographic Channel's National Geographic Amazing!: World's Oldest Mummies and Lego Robots. Which is a pretty self-explanatory title, really.


And then at 9 PM, there's a new Eureka on Syfy: "Stoned." Zoe comes back to town, and Grant's past comes back to haunt him:

And at 10 PM, there's a new Haven, also on Syfy.


Syfy has a series of monster movies all day, including Mammoth (with Summer Glau!) and Manticore (with Robert Beltran!), and then changes gears with The Fifth Element at 4:30. Terminator Salvation runs on HBO once again at 7 PM. Also, Harry Potter And The Prisoner Of Azkaban is on ABC Family at 8 PM. Jennifer's Body is on Cinemax at 8:15 PM.


There's a new (to U.S. audiences) episode of Being Human on BBC America at 9 PM.

The National Geographic Channel is having a marathon of new episodes of a show called Garbage Moguls from 8 PM to 11 PM, which is certainly one alternative to going out on Saturday night.


Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles III is on ABC Family at 7 AM. Syfy is showing another round of monster movies, including Kraken and Frankenfish. ABC Family has the Emmerich Godzilla at 11 AM, followed by Goonies at 2 PM. TMC has Igor, the animated film featuring John Cleese and John Cusack, at 3:20 PM. Cinemax is showing the Will Ferrell Land Of The Lost at 4:15 PM. Then ABC Family has a second showing of Prisoner of Azkaban at 4:30, followed by Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire at 7:30 PM. HBO is showing The Dark Knight at 5:15 PM, Cinemax has X-Men Origins: Wolverine at 6 PM, and TMC is showing Close Encounters of the Third Kind at 6:40, followed immediately by Wolf at 9 PM. Just after midnight, at 12:10, Encore is showing Goldfinger.


True Blood builds on yesterday's strong episode with another new installment, "I Smell A Rat." That's on HBO at 9 PM. Check out a promo:

Meanwhile, at 8 PM, there's a two-hour special on Animal Planet, Great Rift. And at 9 PM, National Geographic has a special called Dawn Of The Ocean.

At 10 PM, there's a new episode of the much-improved ABC series The Gates.


Syfy is showing movies all day once again, including Wrong Turn and Wrong Turn 2. AMC has Superman Returns at 3 PM, followed by Unbreakable at 6:30. G4 is showing Teen Wolf at 4 PM. TV Guide Channel is showing Mannequin at 8 PM.