The HumanCar is the souped-up, street legal version of an old railroad handcar. The four-seater can reach 60 mph when all four passengers are cranking - and there's an electric battery to keep it going when you need a break.

This particular model is the HumanCar Imagine PS, the latest invention of engineer Charles Samuel Greenwood. He's been working on his dream of human-powered automobiles for over four decades, and in the past few years he's created working two- and four-seater models.

Although it might seem that getting even a lightweight car up to 60 mph (or 30 mph on hills) would be a herculean task, Greenwood insists that even a senior citizen in decent shape could operate it successfully. (And there's proof of that in the video below, in which Greenwood takes the car out for a very fun-looking drive.) Of course, it helps that the car has electric plug-in capabilities, so the car can still reach its top speeds even when four occupants aren't rowing their hardest.

[Humancar via Discovery News]