GenCon brought thousands of gamers to Indianapolis last weekend, and with them some serious geeky fun and costumery. Here's our photo gallery of the most amazing sights.

Special thanks to Shirak Agresta, Ellie Winter and Gary Sandelin for additional photography, and to Kelly Faircloth and Mary Ratliff for formatting the gallery.

Cheer up! says the most terrifying gaming miniature ever.

Lady adventurer in her amazing steampunk battlechair means business in the dealer's hall.

Steampunk weaponry was going strong at the con.

Excellent costume of Gotrek, the mohawk-blazin', troll-slaying dwarf of the Warhammer Fantasy universe.

A glorious life-sized D&D Red Box dragon guards the convention

Even Frylock escaped New Jersey for the Gen Con experience.

The cake may be a lie, but everything else about this companion cube cosplayer was truly adorable.

This Captain America can teach us all a lesson about super costumes.

It's open bar for gamers and vamps at the World of Darkness booth, which was pure party (no games in sight) with a dark glam disco vibe and full service bar.

Cosplayers at the White Wolf Vampire club.

Mini demons get a tiny but effective thrashing

Who you gonna call in the 1940's when there's something strange in the old neighborhood? This guy

Holy pacman, it's Tetris cosplay!

Muscles + claws equal instant Wolverine costuming

They recruit 'em younger every day: Babyfaced space marine prepares for battle in the Terrorwerks airsoft-gun "first person shooter" style live-action role playing game

Medic! Terrorwerks LARPers rescue a fallen soldier. Tying and un-tying knots represents combat medicine and is harder than you think when being pelted with dozens of tiny plastic pellets.

The Terrorwerks crew of space pirates, mutants and space marines in the light. They're smiling now, but trust us that you don't want to get on their bad side in a dark spaceship.

Giant sized Pass the Pigs, the beloved dice-like game of high stakes pig rolling

Gamers got in line as soon as the dealer's hall opened for the re-release of the 1990's D&D apocalyptic-fantasy setting Dark Sun retrofitted for D&D Fourth Edition.

He is Wheaton and he is a gamer.

Oodles of dice in every color make any gamer feel like a kid in a candy store

Legos goes classical with mazes and minotaurs

Creepy and cute, a baba yaga hut in loving miniature

Just like hotcakes, stacks of the latest Pathfinder supplement book Advanced Player's Guide dwindled throughout the day

Blowback, the unofficial "Burn Notice" indie role-playing game

For charity and mostly just for kicks throw your gamer pals into prison.

Fully stocked weapons racks offer treats that may present a challenge for that plane ride home.

Elf girl swings with her boffer blade. The boffer arena was center stage in the dealer's hall, an invigorating break from shopping and shmoozing.

Elf girl takes aim with her boffer blade. The boffer arena was center stage in the dealer's hall, an invigorating break from shopping and shmoozing.

Ryan Macklin (of the internet) lead project developer of the new Dresden Files RPG sourcebooks and general manager of Indie Press Revolution is a humble guy

Gen Con has a growing queer-friendly (for humans and robots) presence every year

This game master takes her Pathfinder game to the next level dressed as the chaotic good witch Feiya, a character from the role playing book series.

More Pathfinder cosplay, Amiri the barbarian

Paizo's Pathfinder role-playing game room was jam-packed with players as early as 8am and late into the evening.

This tiny barbarian brings the big fight to the smallest dinosaur.

Truth in advertising, a total gore fest in miniature for your next The Thing style game

You can almost feel the heat in this remarkable mini flaming jeep assault.

Horus Heresy, an epic new Warhammer 40k board game.

Giant-sized Ticket to Ride, the game of competing steam-driven train companies spanning from coast to coast.

Bladerunner is always in style as Pris haunts the dealer's hall.

Cobra Commander is plotting his next nasty move, or maybe he's just shopping.

Cortana returns for another year of Gen Con.

The gaming barbarian hordes await the opening of the dealer's hall

Creators of the Smallville game were on site to chat, Cam Banks design lead and editor Amanda Valentine (standing left). Note the sample stack of Leverage (not the full game, just quick start rules)

Rumors of Shadowrun falling into hard times were not apparent with Catalyst Games' sprawling booth, complete with life-sized mecha.

Dice for Munchkin Cthulhu (the popular card game that spoofs obnoxious role playing tendencies) plus a cow with face tentacles on the dice bag makes for a total win.

Nora, avid role playing gamer and her man go for a stroll in Freemarket, the transhuman role playing game set in space station orbiting Saturn

Jared Sorensen, game designer and creator of Parsley games illustrates 80's computing-style thunder and lightening during a demo of text-adventure inspired RPG Spooky Manor

A full spread of Freemarket, a limited edition indie role playing game of set in a transhuman future on a space station orbiting Saturn. Not included: in the upper left a dustbunny, an organic roomba-like vacuum cleaner that roams the space station eating dust

Pandemic, the tension-packed board game where players work together to stop city-jumping plagues, had it's first ever presentation in LARP format at Gen Con

Scrubs, goggles, biohazard kit in hand this LARPer came fully prepared for the first ever live-action role playing game based of the intense Pandemic board game

A multi-class party of elves complete with Drow Drizzt Do'Urden.

An-all business halo cosplayer clears the hallway.

Looking good in meticulously hand-crafted armor and headdress.

Jim, don't play that game with Pinhead. Just don't do it.

Homemade Settlers of Catan boards (the "new" classic board game of trading and expansion) are practically standard at gaming cons. This one was cheekily dubbed Settlers of Wisconsin, though the sea and coasts remain a mystery.

A massive battle angle presides over the Magic the Gathering playing crowds.

Card holders plan their next move with giant sized Magic the Gathering cards.

Card holders plan their next move with giant sized Magic the Gathering cards.

Jedi girls gotta stick together.

Lady Captain Shepard in (mass) effect.

We were floored by this gorgeous painting in the dealer's hall. The artist sold out of prints the first day and didn't have a business card so we only hope he will email us back. Until then we stare into her sweet face and wonder who she's going to feed her pet next.

Bunnie in a classic Chun Li stance

Doctor Octopus we presume?

Battlepods lined up for another day of virtual futuristic combat, where gamers can strap themselves in Matrix-style for multi-player warfare. The graphics are somewhat dated but still entirely playable.

Miniature gaming is a world of it's own at Gen Con: historical wargaming is represented here with Stalingrad tanks on the rumble.

Miniature gaming is a world of it's own at Gen Con. A teeny tiny witch trial is scary at any scale.

Dice with a hand-crafted ancient finish give that authentic touch to your Hyperborian barbarian campaign

One of many, many halls packed with gamers of all ages.

Just add tape and Magic the Gathering cards make excellent giant guard scorpions

Huge 20 sided die as common as dragons at the Dungeons & Dragons booth

Last remaining copy of Adventure Burner (atop role playing game Mouse Guard, based on the comic by David Peterson), the all new supplement to indie fantasy RPG Burning Wheel.

Last year's giant beholder is back and looking meaner and hungrier than ever.

Soft foam boffer swords and shields of all descriptions ready for war in the dealer's hall

Either we're getting older, or the superheroes are getting younger.