Proof that Etsy's crafty users can do anything they set their minds to: The company's New York headquarters got a makeover for its conference room, turning it into a room on a space station. And check out Etsy's supervillain lair!

The Space Station Conference Room is the work of Jen (aka Zooguu) and Brian of Sweetpea Designs, who also did the Supervillain Lair back in the spring. And it took a lot of artists to create the finished product. Zooguu explains:

To complete the outer space look, and to create a "handmade" space station, I commissioned "space quilts" from other artists to hang in the windows: Katherine Rasmussen of Reiter8, Desira Pesta, Alissa Haight Carlton of Handmade by Alissa, Briana Taylor of BTaylor Quilts, Chanel Kennebrew of Junkprints, and Kristy Reichert of Beacon Bookmarks. I also had help from Jon Reichert of Box Designs with building custom archways and installing ceiling panels. Katherine Rasmussen not only created one of the quilts, but also upholstered all of the padded, grey panels for the ceiling and archways. RHLS even helped with painting the walls and ceiling.

Check out some more pics of the conference room, plus a few pics of the supervillain lair. More pics at the link. [Sweetpea Designs, via Super Punch]

Check out the detachable jet packs on the wall, plus the nice upholstered archway.

Closer look at those jetpacks! And does that panel say "Warning: Flame War"?

Whiteboard made to look like a scanner. Plus check out the console that dispenses mustaches.

Or maybe you'd rather have a console that dispenses cephalopods!

Etsy's "Supervillain Lair" room, also by Sweetpea Designs

An awesome supervillain helmet

Supervillain props!