What happened in scifidom in the last seven days? The Lost DVD footage popped up, we talked to Seth Green about Star Wars, paleontologists debunked our favorite dinosaur, electrons were viewed in real-time, and more!

Seth Green on his new Star Wars series: "We won't f—- it up."
Seth Green and Matthew Senreich are hard at work on the third Robot Chicken Star Wars special, plus a whole new Star Wars series! They told us what to expect, including a joke that overlaps with Family Guy's third special.

Why's a slacker like Scott Pilgrim such a great hero?
Reviewing Scott Pilgrim's Finest Hour is difficult given that the SP sextology's one of most "either-you-get-it-or-you-don't" series I've encountered. Which is a pity, as it's a pop gem and Scott's such an intriguingly crappy protagonist.

Quantum computers could overturn Heisenberg's uncertainty principle
The uncertainty principle is at the foundation of quantum mechanics: You can measure a particle's position or its velocity, but not both. Now it seems that quantum computer memory could let us violate this rule.

Two UFO videos, wihtout shakycam, are weirdly convincing
Taken over the past two years, these videos offer unusually clear, non-shaky footage of UFOs. And the guys who filmed them seem pretty legit, too. What exactly are we seeing here?

This comic by Mike Mignola and his daughter is the most heartwarming thing you'll read all day
Here's an exclusive preview from The Amazing Screw-On Head and Other Curious Objects, a hardcover collection of phantasmagorical comics by Mike Mignola. Here's "The Magician and The Snake," an Eisner Award-winning tale by Mignola and his then-seven-year-old daughter Katie.

How to be a very silly science fiction/fantasy writer
We live in an absurd universe. And once you throw in stuff like time travel, fiction can get even sillier than real life. But how can you write speculative fiction that lives up to our ridiculous world, without being dumb?

Electrons viewed in real time for the first time ever
In an unprecedented achievement, physicists have managed to directly observe electrons moving about the outer orbit of an atom. It's all thanks to some nifty quantum trickery and a machine that measures time in quintillionths of a second.

Triceratops controversy shakes paleontology to its bones
Paleontologists have discovered a shocking fact about the relationship between the celebrated Triceratops dinosaur (left) and its less-glamorous, holey-headed counterpart, Torosaurus (right). Turns out they're not evolutionary cousins. In fact, Triceratops is just a younger version of Torosaurus.

Watch all 12 minutes of Lost's DVD-only epilogue online
The entire 12-minute epilogue to Lost, which explains everything that may have mystified you, is on Youtube now. Update: And it's already down. Our reactions below, including spoilers!

Is the Runaways film copying Airbender's whitewashed casting?
Last we heard about the movie adaptation of the amazing comic series, Runaways, was that director Peter Sollett would begin filming next January. But casting calls have raised a red flag with fans, who fear a repeat of Airbender's whitewashing.