Lauren Beukes' novel Zoo City is about criminals from all over the world who are bonded with their own weird animal familiars. And some amazing artists have created these unique animal-familiar-themed figurines, to raise money for South African children.

The figurines come from the Bare Project, which provides unpainted figures to artists, and then sells the painted versions to raise money for children's charities. These figures will be auctioned to raise money for the Suitcase Project, an art therapy project that helps South African children heal from past psychological trauma, including refugee children from war-torn countries around Africa. Each figure is a stunning 16 inches tall!

Here's the synopsis of Zoo City:

Zoo City is speculative fiction set in present-day Johannesburg, South Africa. The derogatory term "zoos" is used to describe people from all over the world who have committed a past evil deed, the result of which is the acquisition of a magic ability and an animal familiar that is forever bonded with the "zoo". As long as the animal is kept alive the Undertow, an indescribable manifestation of the tunnel to hell (possibly - it is still being studied, analysed, investigated, and pontificated), is kept at bay and the "zoo" remains alive.

Check out more details about the individual figurines below, and go to Bid Or Buy and search on "Zoo City Bares" to bid! [Bid Or Buy via Brainwavez]


Bi-Polar Bare by Willeen La Roux.

"Borne" by Bia Van Deventer And Carine Nguz. "Despite life having taken its pound of flesh forcing us to offer pieces of ourselves like muti on the market we will find, after having peeled at the layers, a core which is essentially divine."


Muti Monster by Joey Hi-Fi. "The 'Muti Monster' Bare was inspired by one of the events in the novel: the mutilation of animal familiars for 'muti'. Thus the 'Muti Monster' is a grizzly loose collection of bones, animal parts (porcupine quills, severed bird wings, teeth, eyeballs), scalpels, urban debris, incisions, traditional healer pamphlets, snakes, and drops of liquid 'undertow' to name a few."


Nonnetjie by Elise Wessels.

Pretty Wise by Clement de Bruin.