The entire 12-minute epilogue to Lost, which explains everything that may have mystified you, is on Youtube now. Update: And it's already down. Our reactions below, including spoilers!

So at least I got to watch the Lost featurette, "New Man In Charge," before it was taken down. Here's a brief summary, with reactions.


First off, this featurette definitely feels like it's only aimed at the fans who wanted "answers," and there's not much in the way of story here. I actually found it a bit uninvolving as a piece of narrative. But if you still really want to know what the deal was with the polar bears or Room 23, then all your questions (more or less) will be answered. (But no explanation for why the Dharma Initiative was on the island in the first place, other than what the show and its ARG already gave us.) Oh, and the synopsis we linked to a while back was totally wrong.

So basically there are two main segments of the thing. In the first, as you've already heard, Ben visits a couple of hapless Dharma workers who are putting together the supplies to airdrop onto the island. And Ben tells them their services are no longer needed, and gives them a massive severance pay that will allow them to live comfortably for the rest of their lives. But the Dharma drones are not happy. "We want answers!" They clamor, in a clear jab at fans who just want everything explained. So Ben gives them some answers, and then shows them a Dharma orientation film for the Hydra Island, starring Pierre Chang. Who makes a weird joke about how he wants these films kept secret, or he'll have to start going by a pseudonym.

And the secret of the polar bears is.... that the Dharma Initiative was experimenting on them, because of their "memory and adaptability." Which we sort of already knew. But there was going to be a secondary study involving electromagnetism at the Orchid Station, where the bears' resistance to cold temperatures would come in handy. There's some pretty hilarious stuff involving Pierre Chang in a lab full of animals, including cute bunnies, with a maze, and then there's a weird half-bird, half-something creature in a cage, called the "hy-bird." (Could this be the Hurley bird?) "These fascinating hybrids, or hy-birds, will be released and studied," says Pierre Chang.

Oh, and don't start thinking the polar bears are your friends — or they'll turn on you! At one point the procedures for drugging and subduing a polar bear are described in detail. And Chang explains that the electromagnetic properties of the Orchid Station have damaging effects on early-term pregnancies.


And then Pierre Chang shows us Room 23 in action, and explains that it involves the use of cutting-edge pharmaceuticals, along with those bewildering images, to interrogate the Hostiles and better understand their way of life — including their worship of an "island deity" called Jacob.

Then Ben leaves the Dharma drones behind, still clamoring for more answers, and he heads off to his new stop, the Santa Rosa Mental Health Institute, where Hurley once lived. There, Ben talks his way into see a very special patient, with a note saying a friend wants to see him.

And the patient is... Waaaaaaaalt!

He's playing that colored-disc game that Hurley used to play. (Connect Four?) Ben tells Walt that a friend wants to see him, and Walt says he has no friends. Ben says everybody has friends, even him. And Walt asks if Ben is going to kidnap him again, and Ben apologizes and says the past is the past, but he's trying to make up for it. Ben says he knows how hard it was for Walt, pretending to be something he wasn't. Then Ben puts in the clincher: Michael needs Walt's help. "My father's dead," Walt protests. "That doesn't mean you can't help him," says Ben.

So the next thing we know, they're leaving Santa Rosa and going out to a Dharma Van. Walt can ride shotgun, Ben says. He gets in, and in the back seat, we see... Hurley!

No clue why Hurley didn't just go into Santa Rosa — maybe as a former inmate, he was uncomfortable going back in? Anyway, Hurley says it's great to see Walt. Walt says he thought he was crazy, waiting and hoping for Michael to come back. "You're not crazy, dude. Not even close. You just need to get back to the island. That's where you belong. That's where you've always belonged." And Hurley says he wants to talk to Walt about a job. "Let's go home," he tells Ben, who smiles.

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