An American family recently used a copy of Action Comics 1 they found in their basement to save their home from foreclosure. In honor of this tale (and DC's 75th anniversary), here are 75 absolutely priceless Action Comics covers.

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Presented without commentary.

Note the anachronistic dinosaur. Also, I'm pretty sure this cover is implying that Lois is Moses.

Superman takes modern art way too literally.

That was the year Superman owed $50,000,000 in FCC violations. He depleted the telethon fund to cover his court fees.

I like that Superman's not even trying to throw the missile at the sub. It's like punching the barrels in Doom.

No shit, Lex.

Is Superman guarding a giant's cash register?

Beached whales and scared children are of no consequence to Superman.

This is the weirdest Superman sex dream conceivable.

Superman trapped a bunch of evil stereotypical children on a prison cloud. The tree is there just to taunt them.

Superman is furious about the Prankster's lack of effort.

You know why there's no Santa? Because Superman crushed his solar plexus.

Ah, the old cookie-cutter room burst.

A little known power of Superman's is to bless currency with sentience.

This is Superman's idea of a stag film.

At this point in Action Comics history, Superman disappointing everyone happens every other cover.

That's one wan wave, Superman.

More unknown Superman powers: super-pruning and super-narcissism.

This is what will happen if Shaq is ever elected president.

I bet Superman did it himself, and those green rays are just laser pointers.

I think Lois was okay with the face, but put off by the florid rhetoric.

I hope Superman flies in this issue, and one-half of his body gets torn off by wind shear.

This comic was the inspiration for Blackest Night.


This is the Kryptonian version of "hairy palm syndrome."

And it's fatal!

Superman can't stop, but he has the time to give a physics lecture?

That box is filled with issues of Superman 75.

It's forbidden because it's fabulous.

That is some crap bedside manner.

This is what you get when you tell your cover artist he's being laid off.

That is the most spectacular suicide I've ever seen.

Presented without commentary.

It's bad enough that Superman forces his son to dress like him.

This cover's a band-aid for when five pages of Scooby Doo script get mixed up in your print run.

Superman has a million kids, and all of them suck.

Presented without commentary.


Remember the time Superman fought Popeye? Is Captain Strong still in continuity?

Coincidentally, "The Krypton Connection" is the name of my jazz fusion trio.


Superman got drunk and watched Patch Adams.

That is one callous crowd.

Is that Captain Strong again?

Note the litigation-proof Golden Arches.

This is Superman's idea of a Coppertone ad.

This is hands-down Lex's coolest plan.

Does Superman actually fight crime in Action Comics or just act like a diva?

This is right up there with Daredevil's unicycle.

Presented without commentary.

Just as Superman makes his kids dress in pajamas, Lex forces his fiances to shave their heads.

Superman doesn't speak jive.

Superman doesn't want you to buy his comic.


See the bubble at the lower-right.

Action Comics wasn't always Superman's show. In this issue, Wild Dog recruits the entire Westminster Kennel Club as a sidekick.

Nice human shield, Speedy.

Superman hangs out in the woods with children.

Ah, Super-David Lee Roth.

That haircut is strange luck. BURNED.

Thanagarian + Kryptonian = checks + plaid.

Presented without comment.

Presented without comment.

I have no idea who Ralph Edwards is, but I guess he was a nationally syndicated fetishwear enthusiast.

First his son's outfits, next the world.

Way to give your kill switch to Richard Nixon.

When you meet your doppelganger, immediately lob bowling bowls at him.

No one's going to take you seriously with that shield, Superman.

Superman vs. West Side Story required severe handicapping.

Superman vs. the dandies.

Presented without comment.

Superman is such a jock.

There's your comeuppance, Superman.

Why are Superman's socks worn out? He flies.

Does this mean Lois was unwittingly dating Perry? Great Caesar's Ghost, that's creepy as shit.