At last we have plot details on the long-awaited Pearry Teo project, Deus Ex Machina, plus some gorgeous concept art.

In a dystopic place called Exsilium, citizens who accept Sciences as their religion join a virtual world of heaven and hell. Pearry is currently revising this script with his writing partner Layton Matthews and is in talks to make it into both a film and a graphic novel but unfortunately I can't reveal any further details on that. We love Pearry, and I'm going to say it again, one day this cat is going to make something on the level of Dark City or Brazil.

Here's the story:

When nuclear war has almost wiped out humanity 200 years in the future, the surviving society combines its need to avoid war at all costs and locate an alternative energy source to nuclear power, by creating Exsilium: A place where law abiding citizens who accept Sciences as their only religion are rewarded with eternal paradise by a revolutionary virtual reality environment. Not only does this way avoid the uncertainty that plagues traditional religion, but the creators have devised a way for Exilium to use the inhabitants brain waves to power the last remaining city, Jinova.

The Prince of Jinova, Seifer and a young commoner, Julian grow up as best friends. Their lives are torn apart when Julian's parents are murdered for having secret meetings planning to resist the government, and a teenage Julian is jailed by Seifer's father: The King. Years later, Julian is the leader of a growing resistance to the new government, and Prince Seifer has succeeded his father and become a tyrannical ruler, expanding Exilium to provide a simulated "Hell" for citizens who disobey the law. However, darker forces are at work and threaten to destroy them both as they seek to resolve their past.

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This post originally appeared on Quiet Earth.