Comic Con just gets bigger every year. This year, we saw so much excellence — and crazy weirdness — our heads nearly exploded. Here's the complete guide to the best of io9's Comic Con 2010 coverage.

Tron Legacy came to Comic Con for its third consecutive year, and we were fully digitized. We saw eight minutes of mind-blowing new footage and heard from the film's stars. We went inside Flynn's Arcade and talked to the stars and the director. We looked at all the insane Tron gear you can own, to Tron-ify every aspect of your existence. And we did an in-depth interview with the movie's producer, in which he explained all the clues in the new trailer.

We also ventured inside Hall H and saw previews of tons of other movies. The Hall H crowd witnessed some dazzling Green Lantern footage (and we were blown away to watch Ryan Reynolds recite The Oath for a little kid.) We also got to see the first footage from Captain America and Thor.

We saw previews from Megamind (featuring Will Ferrell in blue-face!), Battle: Los Angeles with Aaron Eckhart, post-apocalyptic vampire-hunting clergy movie Priest, Simon Pegg's alien road-trip movie Paul, vampire remake Let Me In, Jon Favreau's science fiction Western Cowboys & Aliens, Rainn Wilson's superhero comedy Super and alien abduction drama Skyline.

Not to mention that Scott Pilgrim ruled our worlds! We got to hear from director Edgar Wright, visit a Scott Pilgrim-themed installation, and actually see the whole movie.

We got to witness the geek royalty summit, as J.J. Abrams and Joss Whedon talked about movie-making and the secret formula of irresistible nerd candy.

And then there was that magical moment where the entire cast of The Avengers assembled on the stage of Hall H. Damn.

There were also some previews of the thrills that television has in store for us. Futurama revealed that it'll be delving into mutant rights and the character you least expect it will be getting kissed. We saw a preview of The Event, which is the fall's most promising science fiction epic. We were also excited by the preview of Falling Skies, Spielberg's post-apocalyptic alien-fighting series starring Noah Wyle. We also found out what's next for Warehouse 13 and Eureka, and previewed the Stargate Atlantis/Stargate Universe crossover. We heard Smallville and Supernatural spoilers. And we saw early footage from The Walking Dead!

We were lucky enough to snag Avengers director Joss Whedon, who explained how his movie will handle the crucial Tony Stark/Steve Rogers relationship. We asked Nathan Fillion the secret of an epic hero, we asked Ron Moore why Starbuck disappeared at the end of Battlestar Galactica, and we found out why Michelle Rodriguez is always killed off. And we had a meeting of the minds with Venture Bros. creator Jackson Publick.

We also talked to Sucker Punch director Zack Snyder, Thor star Chris Hemsworth, Green Lantern villain Peter Sarsgaard, The Walking Dead star Andrew Lincoln, Green Hornet director Michel Gondry, Scott Pilgrim's Mary Elizabeth Winstead, and a batshit insane awesome interview with Drive Angry star Nicolas Cage.

What were the absolute worst promotions at SDCC 2010? How about this insane Medusa blow-up-doll head, promoting Clash Of The Titans? That's just one of the insanely weird items we covered in our round-up of Comic Con "badvertising." We also paid tribute to the best of the promotional schwag and marketing stuff in our collection of Comic Con "radvertising." What are the coolest, shiniest things we saw on the Comic Con floor? Check out our gallery of insane awesomeness here. How much free shit could two people grab in an hour? Check out the amazing haul here.

We were more blown away than usual by the cosplay at Comic Con, partly because it was so creative and excitingcheck our fave costumes here — and partly because people rose to the occasion of dressing up and counter-protesting against the Westboro Baptist Church people in such a hilarious, nerdy fashion. But that wasn't the only protest that blew us away — there was also Captain America's team-up with a goat.

So after all this, who came out ahead, and who lost out? Check out our round-up of Comic Con's buzz winners and losers.

Images by Space Pirate Queen and The Consortium on Flickr.