Morning SpoilersIf there’s news about upcoming movies and television you’re not supposed to know, you’ll find it in here.  

The villain of Thor explains why you really shouldn't see him as just a villain. Great new pictures from Red, Super, and Never Let Me Go. See the trailers for True Blood, Eureka, and Warehouse 13! Thank goodness it's spoilers!


Loki actor Thomas Hiddleston explained how he approaches the character:

Loki isn't just an anarchist. He's not just someone who's out to burn the house down. I think his villainy, or what gives him credentials as a supervillain, is that he comes from a deep sense of betrayal. That he's been betrayed by his father, betrayed by his family. That he belongs nowhere. He's caught between two worlds and he's highly alone. And someone with an inclination towards mischief anyway, someone who likes pulling practical jokes, he's a prankster. That inclination is fed into the rejection and he becomes kind of a destructive force. So it's pretty fun.


He then dropped this hint about a not exactly surprising plot twist:

I think in the film, I don't want to give too much away, but you find out that Loki has been responsible for a hell of a lot more than you first might have imagined. And that's all over the comics. You'll be following Thor through one adventure and you think there's one particular bad guy and then Stan Lee and Jack Kirby will pull Loki out from behind the curtain and you see him pulling the strings and you go, "Oh my God, it was Loki all along." Yeah, he is a shape-shifter, someone that is not to be trusted.


Cowboys & Aliens:

Writer Alex Kurtzman says the aliens will be "scary as hell." He also explained that, as much as the premise might seem a bit ridiculous, this won't be a campy movie:

"It's going to be tonally played very straight. It's not wink-wink or tongue in check at all. It's a lot of fun, but it is really paying homage to the original westerns that we grew up loving."



Transformers 3:

Another day, another round of set pics: [TFLAMB]

There are a ton of new set videos out as well. Here are a few of the best: [Transformers Live]


Here's (I think) only the second image released from the movie, this time showing doomed couple Rainn Wilson and Liv Tyler: [/Film]



Here are some new photos showing off the movie's awesome cast: [IGN]

Never Let Me Go:

Here are some new photos from the dystopian cloning organ donors movie. I say this as a native Brit, but goodness are these some of the most ridiculously British photos ever taken: [BleedingCool]



Jasika Nicole explains how she plays the alternate Astrid:

"She's tricky but she's really cool. She's so guarded that it's a little bit easy to play her because I don't have to relate to anybody. It's like performing monologues, which is an interesting thing to do in a television show.

"She speaks toward them and she'll look at them, but not when she's speaking," Nicole explains. "That's really funny to play because people get uncomfortable when I'm doing that in a scene. She doesn't really respond to their facial expressions or what they're doing. She's not interested in that. She's only interested in relaying the information that she has for them."


[Fringe Television]

True Blood:

Denis O'Hare, who plays vampire king of Mississippi Russell, hinted at some of what lies ahead for his character:

Can you give me a couple hints about where the king and his vampire-werewolf alliance are headed?
Everybody's got plans. They think they're headed in a certain direction and then events take over. Around episodes seven and eight it all starts to go sideways. I'm no exception. All of my plans have to be revised because things start to go really crazy.

Is Russell going to have any more shocking scenes, like the stripper-drinking orgy?
I am in bed with someone in episode ten, and things happen in bed.

Is that someone male, female or wolf?
I think it should be a surprise.


Here's a super-extended version of the True Blood promo shown at Comic Con:Click to view


Season 3: Second Half Preview 2

And closer to home, here are three clips from Sunday's episode: [CinemaBlend] Click to view

Ep. 31: Clip - Eric and Sophie-Anne

Click to view

Ep. 31: Clip - Hoyt and Summer

Click to view

Ep. 31: Clip - Sam


The Comic Con trailer is finally officially online. There's a lot of stuff that's already aired interspersed with the new bits, but do note the return of Nathan Stark, the newly re-scoundreled (that's a word, right?) Zane taking Zoe out on a date, and a peek at the Eureka side of the Warehouse 13 crossover: [Syfy] Click to view


Warehouse 13:

And here's their Comic Con trailer: [SyFy] Click to view


If this show is finally going out, it's apparently hellbent on going out with a bang: Darkseid will indeed be the big bad for the show's final season. [Hollywood Reporter]



Hobbes has reportedly been promoted to a series regular next season. [@MichaelAusiello]

The Cape:

Summer Glau explained what sets her new character apart from her previous iconic roles like River Tam and Cameron:

I've always played kind of kick-ass girls, but Orwell's different, because she's on her own completely, and she obviously has a lot of resources that none of my other characters have had before, which is really fun. I'm really exploring how it feels to play someone who really seems to have no fear. She's going for it, going after these corporations and powerful men, and it's different.



No Ordinary Family:

Michael Chiklis makes it clear his character is nothing like Vic Mackey, in that he's now a decent, ordinary guy without moral ambiguity. He also mentions that his failed attempts to fly in the first episode come at the urging of his lawyer friend George, played by Romany Malco. Chiklis explained that character is very good at convincing him to do foolish things with his new powers, which makes sense because he's a lawyer. [KSiteTV]


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