We're ultra excited for the Warehouse 13 and Eureka cross-over episodes starring Neil Grayston and Allison Scagliotti. But you don't have to wait - watch them together now. We snagged them both on camera, spilling details about their nerdmance.

There is a hint of romance between you two?

Scagliotti: Sparks were bound to fly. We're each others counterparts!

What do you think your character likes about the other character?

Grayston: My character is obviously not the most social of people. And then there's this techy girl who's all sexy and spunky, and she's outgoing. Who doesn't want to fall in love with this.

Scagliotti: I like your brains the most.

[Grayston] Are you still the boss when you go to Warehouse 13?

Grayston: Yes, yes I am, and I have a big welcome wagon for her and everything.

Scagliotti: It's overwhelming - they literally roll out the red carpet.

Grayston: I've been brought over there by a power greater than me.

Scagliotti: He's on assignment.

Until then! Video taken outside of Poynt' Presents From Dusk ‘til Con Comic Con Party.